TEC Model 1414

Acoustic Valve Flow Indication System

Acoustic monitoring of safety and relief valves in nuclear power plants provides reliable indication of flow through the valves so that the operator knows when there is a path open for loss of coolant. This method of valve surveillance satisfies the requirements of NRC Regulatory Guide 1.197 (Dec. 1980) and can be easily implemented using the TEC Acoustic Valve Flow Indication System.

For each valve, a high temperature accelerometer is connected to a TEC Model 504 Charge Converter, which is designed to continue operating under accident conditions. The output of the charge converter is routed by cable to a TEC Model 914 Valve Flow Monitor module. The 914 module, which contains a built-in current source for powering the remote charge converter, performs signal processing and displays ten levels of flow indication. It also provides digital outputs corresponding to a user-defined lower trip level, an alarm level and an upper trip level.

The system is provided in both standard 19” wide racks, containing up to sixteen channels and six channels, respectively. Each system contains power module(s) and alarm module(s). All input and output connections are made at terminal lugs on the rear of the rack. Each 914 module has a front panel BNC connector for auxiliary access to the analog signal.

TEC’s QA/QC program meets the requirements of 10CFR Part 50, Appendix B, and 10CFR Part 21. For environmental and seismic qualification specific to this product, go to the Model 1414’s Qualification page.